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SPROG II  Stand-Alone Decoder Programming Interface

SPROG DCC - SPROG II Stand-Alone Decoder Programming Interface

SPROG II Stand-Alone JRMI Decoder Pro Programming Interface.

SProg II is a stand-alone computer interface that allows you to program decoders using JRMI Decoder Pro away from your Layout. You do not have to move the computer to the train room and you do not have to buy another DCC system. SPROG can program decoders, read decoders and switch to Ops mode to test run locomotives.

Decoder Pro is free software that allows supports programming of decoders in a more intuitive fashion than hand held throttles. One programmed, locomotive decoder settings can be stored in a roster of locomotives. If something happens to the locomotive programming, it can be restored by pulling up it's roster entry and sending the stored settings to the locomotive.

To read about Decoder Pro and download a copy, click on the link below
                              DecoderPro Link

JRMI requires the Sun Java Runtime system which is also free and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link Download Java Runtime

No need for a separate programming booster when you use SPROG II for sound decoders!
SPROG II has been tested with Soundtraxx Tsunami, LokSound, MRC and QSI sound decoders and will program and read all CVs.

SPROG II comes with everything you need including the power supply.

Link to SPROG II Users Manual

PRICE:  $98.50 $83.72

Sale Ends 2/1/15


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