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LokSound Select Micro DCC and Sound Decoder

ESU - LokSound Select Micro DCC and Sound Decoder
SKU: 6-LokSound_Select_Micro

Specifications Documentation
Scales HO, N  
Size 0.98 inch x .417 inch (25mm x 10.6mm x 3.8mm) Select Users manual
Current Rating .75 Amp  

Direct Wire, 8 Pin DCC plug

Application - Sound, motor and function decoder for HO scale locomotives.
Sound Eight independent sound channels. Downloadable sound. Uses 4,8 or 16 ohm speakers
Function Outputs 4-150 mA auxiliary outputs, two of which are used for headlight and reverse light 150 ma continuous load per output at 12V DC, short circuit protected.

The LokSound Select Micro decoder is a shrink wrapped package similar to other sound decoders used for direct wire or DCC plug-in applications. With its very small size, the 4AUX decoder can fit easily into many locomotives where space is limited.

The Micro comes with a 4 Ohm rectangular speaker and sound enclosure 1" x .6" inches.

The Loksound Select Micro is the smallest and only micro sound decoder with 4 functions; It does not have any overheating issues and does not need a heat sink.

Each Loksound Select Micro decoder contains between 2 and 4 prime mover sounds selectable by CV. Sixteen diesel horns are resident in the diesel decoders while steam decoders have many whistles to choose from. The horn / whistle is selected by a CV. These features have cut the number of models (sound downloads) by a factor of ten over the LokSound 3.5 decoder.

The LokSound Select uses 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers giving it great flexibility to use the best speakers on the market. The decoder also has increased audio fidelity and power over the LokSound 3.5 decoder.

All new, high quality prime mover sounds for diesel and steam.

The new decoder can be loaded with sound profiles using the LokSound Programmer.

LokSound Select Features
  • Advance consist addressing (CV-19)
  • High output audio amplifier
  • Four 150 mA light outputs with all popular effects (mars, ditch, gyro, etc)
  • 8 Sound Channels
  • Downloadable Sound profiles
  • V Start, V Mid, and V Max Supported
  • Automatic BEMF and ultra slow speed operation.
  • Supports 14, 28, and 128 speed step modes
  • Programmable acceleration, and deceleration
  • Manual and automatic notching for diesels
  • 16 Diesel horns resident in each diesel decoder
  • Large variety of steam whistles in the steam decoder

Ulrich Models carries a large selection of speakers for 4, 8 and 16 ohm applications. Dream speakers from American Hobby Distributors, QSI, SoundTraxx, and Atlas. Many different types of baffles are also available. We carry a complete line of base enhanced speakers that fit both steam and diesel locomotives. All these speakers work with the new LokSound Select.

Sound Decoder Selection

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PRICE:  $83.00
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